You can of course enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the many establishments that make Nuenen so special. Several restaurants in Nuenen have prepared a special Van Gogh lunch for you. We can offer the following lunches and reserve them on your behalf as a part of your Vincentre arrangement.

De Koffiedrinkers (The Coffee Drinkers)
1.1  De Koffiedrinkers Lunch:
€ 13.50 p.p.*
# Soup of the day
# 3 small speciality rolls (meat, fish, vegetarian)
# Cup of coffee or tea
# Excluding other drinks which must be paid for separately.  

1.2  Children's Lunch: € 6.00 p.p.
# Panini, ham, cheese 
# Meat croquet or sausage with fries
# Excluding other drinks which must be paid for separately.   

1.3 Round off the day in Nuenen: € 8.50 p.p.**
# 1 glass of wine (red, white, rosé ) 
# Speciality snacks
# Excluding other drinks which must be paid for separately.  (website in Dutch)  

*/**  make a great combination 

Restaurant Comigo
2. Set Lunch: € 10,00 p.p.
# Served together on one plate
# 3 slices of bread, ham and cheese, fried egg.
# portion of home-made egg salad, tomato soup and a savoury (meat) croquette
# Excluding drinks. (website in Dutch)

Restaurant Auberge Vincent
3. Lunch P69 Auberge: € 14,50 p.p.
# Kop soep naar keuze
# Broodje naar keuze
# Kopje koffie of thee
# Exclusief overige drankjes (website in English and Dutch)

Lunch-I D'n Kleine Dommel
4. 12 o'clock special € 14.90 p.p.
  # 2 course 12 o'clock special
  # 2 course clubsandwich

# Excluding drinks which must be paid for separately

Lunchroom Le Souris
5. Le Souris Lunch: € 15,50 p.p.
# Luxury soup
# Quiche, filled mini-rolls and sandwiches
# Nut bread with Ardennes paté and chutney
# Cup of coffee
# Excluding other drinks
5.A. Le Souris Children's lunch: € 6,00
# Savoury meat croquette or sausage with fries, mayonnaise and apple sauce
# Or a children's pancake
# Excluding drinks (website in Dutch)

De Watermolen van Opwetten (The Watermill at Opwetten)
6.  Brabantse Van Gogh Palette: € 14,50 p.p. (max. 15 personen)
# Kleine seizoensgebonden soep
# 2 sneden desembrood met Brabants beleg en een keuze uit vlees of garnalenkroket
# 1 drankje naar keuze uit het basic drankenarrangement
# Exclusief overige drankjes, separaat af te rekenen.  (website in Dutch)  

Restaurant De Lindehof (2 Michelin stars)
7. Special van Gogh Lindehof 2 Michelin star lunch; € 52,50 p.p.
# Welcome with an appetizer
# 3 course star lunch
# excluding other drinks (website in Dutch, menu also in English)

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