Workshops, tasting sessions and activities

Your group arrangement with a visit to the Vincentre and possibly a guided walk around the Van Gogh locations can be extended by various other activities and lunch or dinner. We can offer and reserve the following activities for you:

1. Painting relay workshop
2. Mini-relay workshop for larger groups 
3. Van Gogh cooking workshop
4. Drama Workshop
5. Wine tasting
6. Workshop ceramic painting

Below you will find more information about the various activities, duration and costs.

The courses are offered in Dutch but interpreters/translators in several languages can be supplied for a small surcharge. Please enquire for details.

Painting workshops

Atelier Nuenen offers painting workshops in its studio which give you the opportunity to create your own painting workshop.

You can choose from a complete workshop of 2 to 2½ hours or a mini workshop of 1½ hours. In both workshops you can choose a 'relay' painting or individual painting with a range of choices with regard to the theme.

1. Complete workshop

Duration:  2 to 2½ hours. Target group: Adults. Group size:  minimum 8 people.

There will be a break during this workshop for a glass of wine, soft drink, snacks and peanuts. The break is also intended as a time to look at each other's' work and there will be time for a tour of the large studio where artists will explain their work.

Cost: € 32,50 per person (including materials used, coffee/tea and drinks).

2. Mini workshop

Duration: 1½ hours. Target group: Adults. Group size:  minimum 8 people.

This workshop includes a candy bar and there will be a short break with a chance to look at each other's work and/or there will be time for a tour of the large studio where artists will explain their work.

In addition to choosing by duration you can also choose from three different types of workshop:

A. PAINTING RELAY WORKSHOP (also suitable for team building)

Everyone in the group works partly on his or her own painting but this will also be painted by other members of the group. You will begin your work, based on your chosen theme or on a theme that will be suggested to you, for example Van Gogh's Sunflowers or Van Gogh in Nuenen. You will then receive instructions for the following stage but that means you will be working on your neighbour's painting. You will nevertheless be able to put your finishing touches to your painting. The themes of these workshops can also be coverted to individual workshops.


Using laminated cut-outs of Van Gogh's paintings the group members will be guided in making a composition, determining the horizon and making a painting in the style of Vincent van Gogh's brushstrokes. The way to mix 'his' colours will also be dealt with. Result: a painting you made yourself, inspired by Vincent van Gogh's work.


Using contemporary photos the group members will sit in the same spot that Vincent van Gogh used to paint his subjects and will make their own 'Van Gogh painting'.  Result: a painting you made yourself, inspired by Vincent van Gogh's work.

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3. Van Gogh cooking workshop
The John Gerwen Cooking Studio has created a themed cooking workshop around Vincent van Gogh. A number of dishes have been planned which are inspired by his paintings. The Sunflowers, the Potato Eaters, Pear Blossom, the Crab: this is just a small selection from the numerous paintings which can be used as a source of inspiration. You can choose either a 3 course lunch or a 5 course dinner.
Cost cooking workshops: on demand

4. Wine tasting 
High Wining-arrangement Le Souris: € 32,50 p.p.
# 'High Wining' in Le Souris
# with five cold and five warm dishes
# with three glasses of corresponding wine

5. Ceramic Painting Workshop
During this workshop you will decorate a dish or plate with glaze (lead and toxic-free) which will then be baked and made dishwasher-proof in a real potter's kiln. You will create a piece of artwork that you will be able to enjoy for a long time. Painting and drawing skills are not necessary. If you don't have any ideas of your own there are plenty of examples for you to work from. Or maybe you will be inspired by Vincent! The workshop lasts for about two and a half hours and will be held in pleasant surroundings in the centre of Nuenen and within walking distance of the Vincentre. The finished articles can be collected within ten days or can be delivered to one address (for a minimal fee).

Duration: 2½ hours
Target group: adults
Group size:  minimum 5 people maximum 10 people
Cost: €42.50 per person

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