For Primary/Elementary schools
Come to Nuenen with your class and tread in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh! You will experience what Vincent once experienced in Nuenen during your class visit. You will learn lots about the Nuenen period of this famous painter by taking an audiovisual tour in our Van Gogh museum! What's more we have created a great outdoor treasure hunt with interesting questions and drawing challenges. See for yourself: Nuenen is a unique outdoor museum..

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See you in Van Gogh Village Nuenen! 

For Secondary/High schools
If you are taking part in a themed week or an art or history project, you should think immediately of Vincent van Gogh, the most famous 19th century Dutch artist. Vincent van Gogh lived and worked in Nuenen for two years. Using audiovisual aids you will hear, see and feel a compelling story about Vincent van Gogh. We have produced a special information booklet for schools, 'In the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh' which you can use to walk or cycle around the Van Gogh Village Nuenen. You can use this on your own or with your class as a start to your cultural project.

A visit to the Vincentre is interesting if you have international guests: the audiovisual tour is available in 8 languages! Students from other countries can also read and listen to the outdoor information columns with text and audio clips in English.

See you in Van Gogh Village Nuenen!

Extra for all students
1. You can take a walking tour of about 1 hour with a guide through the centre of Nuenen. That way you will learn a lot more about Vincent's life in Nuenen.
2. If you want to see even more of Nuenen, visit one of the watermills or the windmill in the village.
3. After visiting the Vincentre go outside and take part in a drawing assignment, the Van Gogh Church or the Park for example.
4. Visit the sculpture group of the Potato Eaters in the Park, opposite the church. There's an extra chair so you can sit with the Potato Eaters!

Actual entry prices
• Pupils up to 18 years, visit to the Vincentre: € 3.50 per pupil
• Pupils up to 18 years, visit to the Vincentre and walk with a guide in Outdoor Museum: € 5,50 per pupil
• Students up to 18 years, discovery tour or trail booklet Outdoor Museum: € 2.25 per student

For more information and to reserve school visits, please contact:

Arrangements school visits:
Hans Mets, by e-mail:  (Languages spoken: EN/NL/F/DE)

Teleac video (in Dutch with some English) about an exchange visit between students from a local Dutch school and students from the Czech Republic