ArT with a capital T makes its comeback!


LED-scherm Kunst met een grote T 1 (005).jpgIn the weekend of 23 and 24 September the centre of Nuenen will be the setting for a really unusual art route. About 40 residents, often of listed or unusual properties, will open up their house to more than 60 local artists to allow them to show their creativity to the public in many artistic genres.

ArT with a capital T (in Dutch it's called 'KunsT met een grote T') was a successful and well-attended event held previously in 2014. The 2016 event did not take place, so Rotary Nuenen has taken the initiative to revive it in 2017. The organisers have added a musical component: last year simultaneous musical performances by musicians from Nuenen were held in Galerie 't Weefhuis and the Clemenskerk church, surrounded by artwork from people from Nuenen, many of whom will exhibit in september.

A new feature this year will be the auction of works of art by participating artists that Rotary Nuenen is organising. The proceeds will go to the Stichting Leergeld Nuenen (Nuenen Educational Fund Foundation) whose aim is to give children the opportunity to become culturally active. The works of art that will be auctioned will be on display in Het Klooster during ArT with a capital T and can be viewed online via the website. Bids can be submitted both online and in Het Klooster on 23 and 24 September.

There is plenty of enthusiasm! Works of art in many disciplines can be admired: sculpture, paintings, poetry, photography, jewellery, pottery, textiles etc. If you are curious to know who will be coming on the day with his or her artistic expression, a list of participants and more information can be found (in Dutch) on:

plattegrond_Kunst_met_een_grote_T _Nuenen.jpg