Winners of the 1st edition Vincent van Gogh Photo Award


Bartlomiej Jurecki has won the first edition of the Vincent van Gogh Photo Award. The winners of this international photo competition were announced during the opening of the exhibition in the Vincentre in Nuenen. The winning photo is a wheat field with intense colours. The jury was unanimous in their judgement of this photo. 'Just blink and you'll see and feel Van Gogh, you'll quickly feel the warmth and you can smell the wheat'. Martijn Pronk from the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam announced the winners. The winning photo can be admired during an outdoor exhibition of the 50 best photos. This exhibition is being held from 16 September to 8 October in the centre of Nuenen and admission is free.

'The quality of the entries was high', commented Pieter Snoeijen, chair of Rotary Nuenen. Rotary organised this photo competition to bring the work of Van Gogh to the attention of a wider public in a contemporary way. "If Van Gogh were to walk around nowadays with a camera, what would he have recorded?" This question, together with Vincent's comment "If you truly love nature you will find beauty everywhere!" was the inspiration for the photo competition. More than 600 entries from 75 countries were received.

From these 600 entries the jury chose 3 winning photos. In addition to Jurecki, Eric Lussot from France won second prize and Michael Angelo Richardson from the Netherlands finished in third place. Now it's the public's turn. They can choose their favourite from the other 47 photos. Who gets the public prize will be decided by voting on Facebook. So everyone can take part from 19 September. Check out the site for more details.

Jury report Vincent Van Gogh Photo Award 2017

3rd place: Michael Angelo Richardson (Netherlands) - Colouring WaterPersfoto_3eplaats_ARichardson.jpg









The jury thought this was a beautiful nature photo. The versatility of colours from virtually the same colour group gives it an almost surreal character, but with distinct impressionist influences. The viewer must make the effort to decide what he or she can actually see.
Although the first impression may reveal many things, there is much more to see by looking at it a second time.
One of the jury members described this as typical Claude Monet. A beautiful natural scene of which there are many, though not usually so beautifully reproduced.

2nd place: Eric Lussot (France) - Lost in no translationpersfoto_2eplaats_elussot.jpg









The picture says it all. A woman living in poverty, photographed in Vietnam. You can read the despair and the concerns of this woman on her face. Her distant expression with the 'too skinny' chickens in the foreground, her body propped on the butcher's block, and something mysterious happening up above in the middle which does not seem to bother her. Vincent often painted the poverty of hard-working people. That's why this photo was awarded 2nd place.

1st Place: Bartlomiej Jurecki (Poland) - Traditional Haymakingpersfoto_1eplaats_BJurecki.jpg









The first thing you think of in this photo is Vincent van Gogh. The wheat field, peasant life but especially the typically intense colours. This landscape is so convincing and with such beautiful symmetry that it's almost as if the photographer was standing next to Vincent. Just blink and you'll see and feel Van Gogh, you'll quickly feel the warmth and you can smell the wheat. That's what made the jury decide to judge this photo as the first winner of the Vincent van Gogh Photo Award.