Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path

VIN034_LED scherm_Roosegaarde_3.jpgStars in the asphalt which  give out light after dark. Never was there such a romantic cycle path. Just like the starry night in the south of France that only Vincent could have painted. Definitely worth seeing!

They absorb light during the day and emit light in the evening. Thousands of twinkling pebbles have been incorporated into the asphalt like fragments from Van Gogh's painting of The Starry Night. This gives a subtle play on light and poetry. This is the result of two artists 'meeting' each other in the place where Van Gogh once lived and where the artist Roosegaarde created an unusual experience for visitors with his techno-poetry.

Starry Night paint.png

Cycle it with your own bike
On the back of your car or by train to Eindhoven (€6 supplement for the bike). As well as cycling this fairy-tale cycle path, a complete Van Gogh experience is definitely worth the effort.

Cycle it: rent a bike
Bikes can be rented at Eindhoven Station. The rental price is €7.50 for the day. You must show some identification and pay a (cash) deposit of €100. When you return the bike your €100 deposit will be refunded. The bike rental is open till 01:00 in the morning. The bike rental is staffed, they can help you with directions.

By car
Cars can be parked on the carpool site at the intersection of the Wolvendijk and the A270 motorway.

By public transport:
Bus number 6 from Eindhoven Station. Get off at the Koudenhoven bus stop, then walk eastwards for 600 metres.

Cycle path location
The cycle path is located in the eastern part of Eindhoven, between the Opwetten Watermill in Nuenen and the Coll Watermill, Loostraat in Eindhoven..
By bike: approximately 15 minutes from Eindhoven Station

Complete Van Gogh experience

The thousands of pebbles are only visible after dark. During the daytime it is a regular cycle track and part of the Van Gogh Cycle Route. A route booklet can be purchased in the Vincentre. Click here for the map.

A day spent cycling around Nuenen is the perfect way to enjoy a complete Van Gogh experience. Visit the Vincentre museum and then maybe cycle the Mill Route (approx. 25 kilometres). This route takes you past all the mills Van Gogh painted in the vicinity of Nuenen. If you want something to eat, there are plenty of places in and around the Park in the centre of Nuenen. Or in the restaurant at the Opwetten Watermill which is situated 300 metres from the Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path. The fairy-tale cycle path awaits you in the evening.

If you are too exhausted to cycle back home, book a room at the Auberge Vincent  in the Park in the centre of Nuenen. When you have seen and experienced everything, we can honestly say that you can't get closer to Van Gogh than in Nuenen...

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Click below for video images of the  Van Gogh-Roosegaarde cycle path: