01-04-2015 | Ode to the Potato Eaters

Buiten panelen de aardappeleters.JPG






'Ode to the Potato Eaters' on the outdoor patio at the Vincentre

Whether you are soaking up the sunshine or taking some shade under a parasol, you can enjoy the outdoor patio at the Vincentre. In addition to a delicious coffee or tea you have a good view of the interesting presentation about the Potato Eaters. You can see the painting together with various sketches of peasant life and actual agricultural implements that form part of the sketches. 

If it's raining or too cold outside we have coffee corner and mini-exhibition featuring the three different versions of the Potato Eaters painting.  You can read how one version was stolen, another one defaced and that one of them even contains a self-portrait…