Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition in the Vincentre

The Vincentre's permanent exhibition uses the most modern audiovisual technology to tell the story of two characters: Vincent van Gogh and Nuenen. Both characters are unravelled and a love-hate relationship evolves. The visitor becomes increasingly involved in this story. First of all we meet speaking portraits of the people Vincent knew.

We tread in Van Gogh's footsteps and journey around the many places Vincent visited before he arrived in Nuenen. We experience the atmosphere of the time when Vincent arrived in Nuenen in 1883. We wander through the magnified landscapes and churches that Vincent painted when he was in Nuenen.

We enter his studio where we can listen to passages from the letters Vincent wrote. We cast a glance into the personal belongings of the people who were much loved by Vincent. Finally we see the painting of 'The Potato Eaters' come to life in the multimedia presentation "The whole of Nuenen in one masterpiece".

We are no longer a spectator, we no longer tread in Van Gogh's footsteps but we immerse ourselves into Vincent's visionary world and become part of it, seeing everything through Van Gogh's eyes. Overseas visitors will be accompanied though the centre by an audio guide.

Using the multimedia screen visitors can browse through the total output of Vincent van Gogh and create their own favourites or plan a route to be explored on foot or by bike. The stylishly designed shop and coffee corner complete the visit and turn it into a real experience.