The Building

The new Vincentre is housed in the former town council offices of Nuenen on Berg 29, a protected building in the centre of Nuenen. This listed property was Nuenen's second town hall and was in use as such until 1953.
This town hall, designed by A. vander Korput was built in 1874 on the instructions of Mayor A. vander Korput. The building has been faithfully restored and a new extension has been added at the back. It enjoys a unique location with the atmosphere of days gone by.

Vincent van Gogh only registered here officially as a resident on 11 October 1884, almost a year after he arrived in Nuenen. Vincent had in fact never signed out of the register as a resident before leaving The Hague. This 'misunderstanding' was only discovered in The Hague on 29 March 1884 as the result of an official control.

His registration remains intact and will be on show in the Vincentre.