Van Gogh family

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Vincent van Gogh had no children of his own to look after his legacy. Even so his collection of paintings and letters has been preserved and has become world-famous! In particular the descendants of brother Theo and his wife Jo Bonger played an important part in maintaining this collection. The 'Vincent van Gogh Stichting' (Foundation) was inaugurated in 1962. Its aim was to keep Vincent's collection intact. The foundation therefore gave the entire collection to the Dutch State on permanent loan, for them to house in the new and yet to be built Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. This opened in 1973 and so Jo van Gogh-Bonger's ideal and that of her son Ir. Dr. Vincent W. van Gogh (Johan's father) were realised: that the collection should be accessible to all people and for all time!

Van Gogh produced a quarter of all his works while in Nuenen. Logical, therefore, that a special bond exists between the family and Nuenen. The family was involved in the restoration of the parsonage, loaned paintings for a large exhibition in 1965, opened the Van Gogh Documentation Centre in 1976, which was followed by the Vincentre in 2010.