Restaurants and Accommodation

There are plenty of places to eat, drink and stay in Nuenen. You can enjoy sitting in the sun at one of the pavement cafes, in the Park for example. This is a good way to relax after an invigorating walk or a healthy cycle trip.

You can choose from a wide culinary variety in Nuenen. From basic to a Michelin 2 star restaurant.

There are a number of restaurants close to the Vincentre. There is also plenty of choice elsewhere in Nuenen, and also in Gerwen and Nederwetten.

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There are various options for an overnight stay in Nuenen:

Auberge Vincent
Park 67-71
5671 GC Nuenen
Tel: (040)-2906390 (Languages spoken: EN/DE/IT/ES/FR/NL)

Hotel Restaurant de "Collse Hoeve"
Collse Hoefdijk 24
5674 VK Nuenen
Telephone: +31(0)40 2838111 (Languages spoken: EN/DE/NL)

B&B J. Evers
Quirinushof 19
5672 JA Nuenen
Telephone: +31(0)6 28410364 (Languages spoken: EN/NL)

Hof van Olen
Olen 24
5674 PJ Nuenen
Telephone: +31(0)6) 47594847 (Languages spoken: EN/DE/NL)

B&B Juroba
Rullen 2
5674 PC Nuenen
Telephone: +31(0)40 7870804 (Languages spoken: EN/DE/NL)

De Gemoedelijkheid - Vakantiehuis
Nieuwe Dijk 1
5674 PD Nuenen
Tel: (06)12 62 63 67 (Languages spoken: EN/NL)

't Kamerven
Lieshoutseweg 4a
5674 RL Gerwen
Tel: (040) 23863605 (Languages spoken: EN/DE/FR/NL)

Van Gogh Cottage
Beekstraat 11
5671 CS Nuenen

B&B \'t Wettenshuys
Wettenseind 8a
5674AA Nuenen
Tel: (040) 284 40 44
Email: (Languages spoken: EN/DE/FR/NL)

B&B Eeneind
De Spijkert 2
5674VZ Nuenen
Tel: 06 19740057

B&B De Heerlykheid
Kerkhoef 8
5674NX Nederwetten
Tel:06 52307595 (Languages spoken: P/EN/DE/FR/NL)