Nuenens Broek (Nuenen Wetlands)

The wooded wetlands northwest of Nuenen are certainly worth paying a visit. Wetlandsare typified by their waterlogged undergrowth and abundance of alder and willow trees. This is the case with the Nuenens Broek. The ground under these woods contains a layer of clay that is impermeable to water. Formerly this would have been a swamp. Intense agricultural development at the start of the 20th century meant that this area was needed for the production of clogs and matches, among other things. From this time onward the natural area was controlled by people. Poplars were planted, trees that cannot grow in marshland. The area therefore had to be drained. Ditches were dug and poplars were planted in the raised parts between the ditches. Nowadays this area is owned by the Brabant National Trust. This organisation owns several natural areas and takes care of maintaining their natural and rural beauty.  The Brabant National Trust has therefore committed itself to returning a large part of the area to its original state as marshland. This is producing a beautiful natural area which has its own stories to tell. Footbaths criss-cross the countryside. Walking routes are available in the Vincentre.

Visit these gardens in Nuenen

De Walburg Nursery and Gardens  (NL only)
Boord 64
5674 NE Nuenen
tel: +31(0)40 2449682 (Languages spoken: EN/NL)

Check the website for opening times.

Nature walks in and around Nuenen

IVN Nuenen - Association for Natural and Environmental Education

Five booklets (in Dutch) have been produced by the IVN about the countryside around Nuenen:

  • The Nuenen Linden Tree
  • Trees in Nuenen
  • The Breugel Meadows and Heerendonk
  • The Dommel Trail
  • Nature Areas around Nuenen

These books are on sale at the information centre in the Vincentre

The Nuenen Linden Tree

  • the thickest linden (or lime) tree in the country, circumference of the trunk 6.5 m 
  • the oldest tree in the Eindhoven region
  • one of the last remaining linden trees in Brabant 
  • planted as a central meeting place for the community 
  • declaration tree for pronouncing the regulations for the year 
  • judicial tree for annual court cases and criminal lawsuits
  • layered tree, pruned at two levels 
  • planted in the last phase of the Eighty Years War

The Breugel Meadows and Heerendonk

  • comprises a 6km nature walk
  • through a beautiful rural area
  • sketches geology, archaeology, history and nature

Trees in Nuenen

  • offers a tree walk of 5 km or twice 2½ km
  • past 70 types of tree through the centre of Nuenen
  • sketches the backgrounds to the trees
  • describes the planting, growth and care of the trees
  • explains the history of Nuenen

The Dommel Trail

  • comprises 4 walking trails of 4, 5, 7 and 13 km
  • provides 6 extra walking routes from 9 to 29 km
  • describes the Kleine Dommel and the Dommel rivers
  • sketches the history of the Dommel Valley
  • describes changes to the landscapes
  • tells about the ups and downs of local life
  • informs you about the water mills and the millers
  • points out the nature en route

Natural Areas around Nuenen

  • comprises 26 short nature walks
  • offers a total of 100 km of walking pleasure
  • points out nature reserves and unusual green spaces
  • in and around Nuenen
  • gives information about flora and fauna
  • describes the history and the future of natural areas

for more information: (available in NL only)