Nuenen is located in Southeast Brabant which is a region within the province of North Brabant. The Kempen and the Peel districts together form Southeast Brabant. 21 communities each with their own Brabant character and historical background. The Kempen is characterized predominantly by woods and heathland, and the Peel is an area of peat bogs and turf offering impressive views.


Neighbouring Eindhoven

Eindhoven is without doubt the most extrovert city in the south of the country. The Netherlands' fifth town has everything on offer to make life enjoyable. A lively centre with extensive shopping opportunities, countless bars and restaurants, attractive pavement cafes and a lively night life. A packed programme of events with high standards in art and culture ensures that Eindhoven buzzes. But Eindhoven also boasts a glorious history. This city with its young and modern appearance is one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands. Let Eindhoven amaze you..

There is plenty to see and experience in a dynamic city like Eindhoven. The lively city centre is perfect for shopping or relaxing at an outdoor terrace, Visit one of the many art galleries, exhibitions or museums. Or take a city walk and discover the Eindhoven of bygone times. Eindhoven is remarkably green. The lovely City Walking Park and the Genneper Park are close to the centre with pleasant attractions and plenty of recreational opportunities.

The Kempen

The Kempen embraces the area southwest of Eindhoven, including the city itself. The area distinguishes itself by its extensive woodland and fields. Perfect surroundings for long cycle trips and walks. There is also plenty of evidence of its history. The 'Eight Salvations' are eight famous typically Kempen villages in Brabant where you can still savour the flavour of times gone by. But the Kempen is also the home of the contented man and the generous craftsmen. These craftsmen had to work hard for little reward. But they didn't complain and made the most of life. These craftsmen were traders who set out on foot to faraway foreign places to offer their wares and services. They gained respect and brought prosperity to the Kempen. You can see this reflected in a few authentic craftsmen's dwellings that have been preserved. The Kempen offers plenty of opportunity for relaxation, come and 'sample' the Kempen some time!

The Peel

The Peel is renowned and commended for its varying landscapes of agricultural scenes, beautiful fenland marshes, fens, woods, open heathland and sand dunes. This area, also known as the 'fen and turf region' is located on the border of Noord Brabant and Limburg. The area once covered 30,000 hectares but turf excavation, production and exploitation have reduced this to 4500 hectares. The former peat-land villages of Helenaveen (1853) and Griendtsveen (1885) are familiar for their tobacco stores, canals, farmhouses and factories from former times. The largest and most famous reminders of the Peel are the Groote Peel National Park at Ospel and Asten-Heusden, the Deurnese Peel in Deurne and the Mariapeel at Griendtsveen. These lovely and very varied nature reserves are especially attractive for walkers.


Het Groene Woud (The Green Forest)

Part of the region is located in the Groene Woud National Landscape

The area between Tilburg, Den Bosch and Eindhoven has been designated a National Landscape. This means that the area is characteristic of the Netherlands and has its own stories to tell about Dutch landscapes. The area is unique for its many varied types of nature in combination with cultural and historical values. You can get out into the countryside by making use of the extensive network of walking and cycling routes around the Groene Woud. You can find all the information you need about this network of walking and cycling routes, and possibilities for guided walks from the National Trust Visitors' Centre in Oisterwijk. But there is much more to do and experience in addition to the beautiful countryside of the Loon and Drunen dunes and the Nuenen wetlands. You can discover Brabant's past in the Prehistoric Museum in Boxtel, The Philips Museum in Eindhoven and of course the Vincentre in Nuenen. You can also experience Brabant's historic legacy in the many farmhouses, mills, monasteries and churches which are to be found all around the countryside.  Close cooperation between several farmhouses and their recreational opportunities makes it possible to experience a truly rural lifestyle. You can for example visit a farm which is characteristic for its area, such as an asparagus farm, dairy farm or strawberry grower which will organise various activities for you. You can supplement this with an overnight stay, sourcing local produce or canoeing.