Digital Van Gogh map

Van Gogh locations map.jpgYou will find the Digital Van Gogh map here

This is an interactive, digital map of Europe with plenty of interesting information about Vincent van Gogh. Users of this map can make various different choices. For example 'Where he lived and worked' or 'Residence'  in which many locations that were important to Vincent during his life are displayed. These places can be viewed by means of coloured 'pinpoints' and are spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain and France.

Vincent was an early European in those days!

Digital and interactive

If you click on a particular location, a screen will appear showing information and often one or more photos of that place. In addition to the maps mentioned above you can also choose from the 'Museum' section. A map will then be displayed showing all the information centres and museums in Europe in which work by Vincent van Gogh is exhibited. You can easily switch to that particular museum's website by clicking on a link. In the selection entitled 'Various' all the monuments and statues of Vincent van Gogh throughout Europe can be found.  By selecting 'Painting location', you can still see locations as they were when Vincent saw them during his lifetime…. Complete with photos! The locations and information on this interactive Van Gogh map are continually being updated!

We would therefore very much appreciate it if users of this digital map pass on any comments, additions or criticisms to us. The easiest way to do this is to use the contact form under the 'Contact form link on the site's homepage. In this way the digital Van Gogh map can only get better.

With this new addition to the Vincentre website, the Vincentre Van Gogh Museum in Nuenen now  offers an extra (free!) service to visitors to who appreciate this world famous artist. Maybe this will be an inspiration to visit (once again) the Nuenen Van Gogh locations in real life.

And of course the Vincentre in the outdoor museum of Nuenen.
Well worth the effort!

Take note: this map already has an English and French version. In due course the information will also be available in German, Spanish and Japanese!'

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