Vincent van Gogh in Nuenen, 1883-1885

Vincent van Gogh lived and worked in Nuenen from December 1883 to November 1885. Seen in retrospect, his time in Nuenen was one of the most important and most productive periods of his life. He chose to base his paintings on the hard everyday lives of fellow workers. His amazing output in Nuenen produced 195 paintings, including the 'Potato Eaters', 313 drawings, 25 water colours and 19 sketches in his letters. In total Van Gogh produced 1011 drawings, 150 water colours, 133 sketches, 10 lithographs and 29 'juvenilia' (drawings made during his youth).

There is still plenty to see in Nuenen from the time that the famous painter lived here. Vincent's Nuenen experiences are displayed in the Vincentre by means of photos, reproductions of paintings, drawings and letters. In addition, Nuenen and its surroundings constitute a collection in itself. No fewer than 23 buildings and rural scenes have a direct relationship with Vincent's two year stay in Nuenen. Of these 23 objects, 14 were painted or drawn by Vincent on one or more occasion. The other 9 locations were not painted but were mostly the houses where his 'models' lived. Several rural scenes in the immediate vicinity still breathe the spirit of those times.
Various routes pass by this living collection.