Organisation of the Van Gogh Village Nuenen Foundation



The Van Gogh Village Nuenen Foundation offers all (inter)national visitors the chance to witness how crucial Van Gogh's period in Nuenen was, and how it was the most interesting period in his development as a person and as an artist.The heritage locations and the Vincentre museum guarantee a unique experience which shows that nowhere in the world can visitors experience being closer to Van Gogh than in Nuenen.


Van Gogh Village Nuenen aims to inform and remind (inter)national visitors of the importance of Van Gogh's Nuenen period. By actually treading in his footsteps, an increasing number of visitors will realise that they can never be closer to Van Gogh. The foundation is working towards improving the leisure economy in Brabant and inspiring the accessibility of Van Gogh and the creativity of the production and innovation industries in the Brainport region of South East Brabant.


Our aims for the coming years are:

  • Operating the Vincentre and the outdoor museum (heritage locations)
  • Collaborating at local, regional, national and international levels.
  • Organising events and activities
  • Defining collection policy.
  • Education.
  • A social role for groups in the community.

The Board 

Jan Kees Lemkes (chair)
Jan van Hout (treasurer)
Arno Aarts (board member)
Jeroen Veldkamp (board member)

Simone van der Heiden

Day-to-day management 
Urban van Gils
Wim Monté
Ad van Rooij

Marketing Team
Vera Hussaarts
Jan Kees Lemkes
Silvie van der Linden

Paul Silvis
Remke van Eimeren

Ton de Brouwer
Ad van Rooij

Steering  Committee Guides
Hans Keijzer
Gerard Netten
Peter van Overbruggen


Technical and Household
Peter Bastiaansen 
Karel Lammers
Ad van Rooij

Organisation of Volunteers
Judith Schenderling
Annemieke Netten
Evita van Nieuwburg
Johan Nieuwdorp
Wim Renders

VVV Tourist Information - Museum Entrance - Shop
Hanny van den Dungen
Gofie van der Linden
Gerda Vis

Len Fraser
Margriet Bastiaansen

Pierre Luijten
Francien Naus
Mieke Peters
Jasper van der Toorn
Peer in 't Veld

Arrangements school visits
Zeno Houwers
Hans Mets

"Atelier Nuenen" is a supporter of Van Gogh Village Nuenen
An artists collective of around 40 professionally trained painters who regularly stage projects under the umbrella of the Van Gogh Village Nuenen.
The Board
Rina Bekkers
Willian van den Goor
Hans  Könemann
Ank Thijssen 
Harrie van der Wielen